Steven Jeffes - Speeches, Articles, Media, Published Books
National Chapter of American Society for Quality (ASQ) 5/2008, keynote
speaker on developing highly successful change management programs.  
Program was highly successful and was placed on regular speaker/invite
back list.

  Authored an article for the Siebel Observer titled “Know your Siebel 7
Upgrade Options (1/2003)” while the Global CRM leader at Answerthink.

CRM Magazine and, 2002. "Vrrroooom - How companies can rev
up rules engines to drive up profits."  Except:
"CIOs are keenly aware of what
value these rules engines can bring," says Steven Jeffes, a CRM practice director at
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
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National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) Orlando, FL, 08/30/2002.  
“Zeroing in on Key (CRM) Implementation Issues”
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this speech.

National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) Orlando, FL, 12/11/2001.  
“Assessing Your Organizations CRM Strengths and Weaknesses”  
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National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) Orlando, FL, 12/04/2000.  
“Migrating through the four (4) Quadrants to an e-customer company”.  
This speech netted the following outcomes: Twenty eight (28) qualified
leads from an audience of over 80 SRO members, Approximately 30% of the
audience commenting that this was one of the best presentations they had
ever seen. Invited to present PwC’s “Market Intelligent Enterprise (MIE)”
CRM solution methodology to three Fortune 100 companies.  
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PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, global ECM practitioners and partners,
Bethesda, MD, 10/25/1999.  “The state of the ECM practice and the ECM
marketplace”.  Over 100 PwC partners and managers attended conference
from all continents.

Author of the best selling book titled “Appearance Is Everything” (1998)
that is being sold internationally, has been featured by programs like ABC
and Fox News, is held by major libraries like Columbia/Yale/Princeton, and
is suggested Psychology/Sociology reading at several US Universities.  
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Served as director or media and public relations for a large not-for-profit
in Central New York.  Developed significant press releases, fielded
numerous media interviews, and built an array of synergistic alliances to
enhance the message, presence, brand, and viability of the organization.  
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Served as the spokesperson for several high technology companies at
investor and analyst meetings to position company strategies, visions, and
value propositions to instill company confidence within the investment
Speeches/Media:   CRM, Marketing, Technology, Measuring ROI, Change Management, Investor &
Media Relations Director.

Authored Books:   Best Selling, Required University Reading, International Media Coverage, Held by
Prestigious Libraries.