Steven Jeffes - Sample Accomplishments
Sample Accomplishments

* Re-engineered Macy*s global marketing and customer management
processes & organization
during the acquisition of the May retail
~ Result: Substantial Decrease in Marketing Cycle Time Simultaneous
to Increasing Marketing Lift 5%.  

* Launched a blockbuster drug for a top 3 pharmaceutical company
including development of the brand strategy and supporting marketing
programs and optimization of the cross-channel marketing mix.
~ Result: $10B in Annual Sales in 2004

* Led the technology design, development & deployment of the weapons
systems for the Aegis Cruiser and Destroyer ship programs
for the US   
Navy and GE - Lockheed Martin.
(Included Design/Deployment: Harpoon Missiles,
ADCAP (MK50) Torpedos, Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM), Standard Missiles, etc.)
~ Result: Delivered Successful $100MM US Navy Aegis Ship Program

* Developed the brand strategy and re-launch of Quick Books Pro for
Intuit Software
which included re-engineering the overall brand
message/promise, re-packaging, and re-launch of the product to an array of
more effective distribution channels.
~ Result: Increased Sales by Over 25% in Selected Markets

* Ramped up to $8,000,000 in annual sales in 2 years from an initial
by initiating global business development plans, strategies, models,
and field programs at Paradigm (Marketing Automation Software Startup).
~ Result: Recognized by Gartner as a Market Leader for Marketing
Automation Software Companies/Solutions

* Led turnaround of ship control system business with $365,000,000 in
annual sales & growth rate of 34% at Lockheed-Martin.
~ Result: US Navy Decision not to Award the $365MM Contract to  
Westinghouse due to the High Performance Turn-Around of the GE -
Lockheed-Martin Team/Program
CRM, Business Turn-Arounds, $1B+ Brand Strategies/Launches, Start-Up Success, Business
Process Re-Engineering (BPR), High Technology Design/Development/Deployment