Steven Jeffes - Professional Profile
Mr. Jeffes has had success generating over $450MM in sales and
orchestrating the
turnaround ($100MM+) of several Fortune 200
. Mr. Jeffes has managed P&Ls of $365MM and over 300 FTEs
and is considered a
thought leader/expert in the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Customer Strategy
  • Social Media - Strategy, Process, Organizational Design, Technology*
  • Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Optimization
  • Brand & Product Management, Public Relations, Communications
  • Engineering, IT, Technology Development & Deployment
  • Organizational Design/Optimization, Change Management

A sample of Mr. Jeffes executive experience includes working for or
consulting with the following organizations:
  • Accenture, PwC - IBM Global Services, CSC, General Electric,
    Lockheed-Martin, Carrier Air Conditioning, American Express, Pfizer,
    AT&T, Intuit Software, Siebel Systems, Vanguard, AXA, Bristol-Myers
    Squibb, Macy*s, Reader's Digest, Marriott.

Mr. Jeffes has
Dual BBAs in Computer Science & Finance from Temple
and a Masters in Organizational Change & Design from
University of Pennsylvania/Wharton
100+ Awards, CRM - Marketing & Business Turnaround Expert,
Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Adjunct College Professor